National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban


Thank you for signing the petition demanding that Congress reject gun control and instead work to reduce “gun-free” victim disarmament zones.


Below are the current participating organizations of the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban, all of which have agreed not to accept what our opposition calls “compromise” on federal gun control. Please stop by their sites and consider making donations to help them defend your freedom. We also suggest you check periodically for new additions to the coalition list.


National organizations:


Rights Watch International



State-level organizations:


Arizona Citizens Defense League


Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc


Damas de la Segunda Enmienda


Firearms Owners Against Crime (Pennsylvania)


Florida Carry, Inc.


Grass Roots North Carolina


Gun Owners of Maine


Gun Owners of Vermont


Nebraska Firearms Owners Association


Nevada Firearms Coalition


New Hampshire Firearms Coalition


New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society


Oregon Firearms Federation


Pennsylvania, ACSL


Tennessee Firearms Association


Virginia Citizens Defense League